The Last Great First

In 2022 our team of ocean rowers & adventurers will attempt a true test of human achievement and endeavour, to row the Arctic Northwest Passage, one of the world’s last great firsts.

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To Be The First

We aim to be the first to row the infamous Northwest Passage, the 2000 nautical mile Arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Frozen for most of the year, we are planning to row the passage during the Arctic’s brief summer, still facing freezing temperatures, high winds, ice and the regions predators.

This will be The Ultimate Ocean Row & is truly the expedition of our time.

We are seeking corporate sponsors to partner with us to make this expedition happen.

Unbiased Reporting

We are pushing the boundaries of human potential & reporting on current environment and climate concerns.
An expedition like no other. Our concept hasn’t been seen in ocean rowing before, utilising advanced technology & boat design coupled with extreme conditions, this expedition is a pioneering world-first.

We want to discover if the landscape is passable in summer, it may be that this is now possible due to rising in temperatures.

As we row through ice, we will document how the ice and changing temperatures are affecting life in the Arctic and what this may mean for our futures.

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