The NWP 2021 – 2,000-mile Row in a Garage for Charities supporting the NHS in the Community.

Whilst we continue to be focused on the 2021 expedition, in the last few months the world has been turned on its head by the emergence of Covid 19 and all our perspectives have changed.

A number of the NWP team are medics on the frontline in the battle against Covid 19 and as a whole team we want to do our bit to support them and the wider medical community in this fight. We are in this together.

So, on 4th May we will start a 2,000-mile Row in a Garage Challenge in support of those charities that support the NHS in the community and the NWP2021 Expedition.

Phil Kite, a member of the team will be aiming to row on a Concept 2 in his garage for 12 hours per day, in shifts of 2 hours on 2 hours off. Together with other members of the NWP crew, who between them will row the remaining 12 hours each day, the team will be looking to row 2,000 miles (3,200km) in 10 days.

This is distance they expect to row for real next year when they hope to be the first team to successfully row the Northwest Passage, the arctic route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The money raised will be shared equally between the team’s charities that support the NHS, being Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care, St Oswald’s Hospice and the Stroke Association, and the NWP2021 expedition.

Talking about the challenge Phil said:

“At the end of last year, I signed up to Leven’s Browns expedition to row the Arctic’s Northwest Passage in 2021. We were planning on being the first expedition to successfully row the 2,000 mile route in a single season and in doing so we also wanted to report on the environment we encountered, the weather, ice and wildlife.

We had been looking for sponsors and supporters to help us follow in the foots steps of that small band of adventurers and explorers who have completed world firsts but in the last few months the world has been turned on its head by of Covid-19. Whilst I am now more convinced than ever that the world needs an expedition like ours to follow, to get excited about and give us all hope of a better future, it is also the time to support the communities in which we live.

Many charities are now struggling to raise the funding that keeps them going as massive sponsored sporting events like the London Marathon and Great North run are cancelled. So as a team we would like to do our bit.

Whilst most of the team are still working, some as medic’s, I am one of those on lockdown and so came up with the idea of the “The Northwest Passage 2021 – 2,000-mile Garage Rowing Challenge” in aid of those charities that support our National Health Service. I will be on my rowing machine in the garage aiming to complete one shift of 12 hours each day, spilt into 6 x 2 hours sessions. I expect to eat sleep row repeat in the garage for at least 10 days and you can watch the event on a live video feed.

My crew mates, located around the world, will together row the other 12 hours each day, fitting it in between their hours at work. We expect to complete 200 miles per day and row the 2,000-mile route in 10 days.

Our plan is also for the crew to hold daily Facebook live sessions talking about their life’s, what has driven them to join the expedition, and their hopes and aspirations for the future. You will hear from Leven Brown, the expedition leader and 5 x Guinness ocean rowing world record holder, and each of the other crew members that include Olympic Athletes, Marine Biologists, IT experts, Environmentalist, Medics, Marketing and Project Managers, all part of the NWP team. Men and women who have climbed mountains, walked the poles and rowed ocean.

When it comes to the money raised in the UK we will donate half to charities that support the NHS but are currently struggling to find funding. The community charities we would like you help us support are Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care, St Oswald’s Hospice and the Stroke Association.

Please help us to raise money for these amazing charities supporting the NHS by donating what you can on our NWP 2021 GoFundMe page and together let’s make a really difference and save lives”

To donate to the Row in a Garage Fundraiser, please click HERE.