This month’s Arctic Rower column in the South China Morning Post is an enlightening conversation with Paul Ridley, captain of the first team to row the Arctic Ocean. In 2012, they traveled from Inuvik, Canada to Point Hope, Alaska.

The Arctic Rower is a regular piece in the SCMP dedicated to the Northwest Passage expedition. Ridley shared his advice on what to expect when we head North.

Ridley warned us of “a cold that scares you”. He said that while we won’t be cold most of the time, if we forget a layer, we will pay the price.

“When you are getting ready for your shift, if you take a couple of extra minutes before you get dressed and it means you miss one of the layers on your feet, for example, then you are not ready for a four-hour rowing shift in the Arctic,” Ridley said.

“It was things like that which got you into trouble – looking after yourself is incredibly important, not just to ease the pain of being cold for a shift, but it’s dangerous if not everyone on board can row.”

You can read the full column here.