The Expedition

To row the Northwest Passage in the Arctic is both a mission of environmental concerns coupled with human endurance & endeavour.


We are assembling a crew who are highly experienced ocean rowers & adventurers, to give the expedition the greatest chance of success.

Make History

Whilst this expedition is history in the making, it’s also a fact-finding endeavour to explore the truth of what’s occurring with the climate in the Arctic region.

Our rowers will experience what it’s like to make their way through melting icebergs & the possibility of ice reforming.

We will report on what we’re seeing in a accurate and independent way and let people make up their own minds about enviromental concerns.

Unbiased Reporting

We will take a film crew with us as a fact finding mission to understand the climate & document the journey

True Human Endeavour

Our fleet system concept & human power together creates a way for our chance of success to improve greatly as we make our way through a passage that has been attempted, but remains unconquered*.





*there are many possible routes through the Northwest Passage, at this time there have been no successful attempts to row the “whole” passage

Expert Expedition Leadership

Experienced Safety

Emergency beacons, trained fire-arms crew and kit to mitigate all risks

Advanced Technology

Self-correcting technology, utilizing materials used in F1 racing

Expert Navigation

Satellite location systems, 30,000 miles of ocean rowing navigation & leadership

An Exclusive, History Making Expedition

Sponsor Us & Join us In Making History

We are keen to hear from sponsor partners who align with our expedition & mission