The Spirit of Adventure

A Gin rich in flavour, steeped in history and brimming with record-breaking ambition.

Our Story

A craft gin flavoured with botanicals from the shores of Orkney and the Hudson Bay to give it a citrusy taste, that transports the drinker back to the age of exploration

Make History

A Gin crafted to support adventure & a Last Great First!

Proceeds from the gin will fund the Expedition of Our Time and one of the worlds’ Last Great Firsts – navigation of the Northwest Passage by human power in 2021. 

Inspired by Roald Amundsen who set out in 1903 and finally traversed the route from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It took him three years to make it through, as the sea froze around him time and again.

Distinct Flavours

The unique flavours are drawn from Sugar Kelp, Angelica Archangelica, Ramanas Rose and Burnet Rose, found on the twin shores of the mighty Hudson Bay and the Orkney Islands. The Angelica root adds a hint of sweetness, that is balanced by a subtle, floral note from the roses. The addition of lemon peel and calamondin brings the bright, citrus notes to the gin and the sugar kelp brings a mild saltiness to the palate, connecting our spirit to the sea.

Made in Scotland

This craft gin, made in The Orkney Distillery alongside the award-winning Kirkjuvagr brand, is a treat for all spirit lovers who want to experience the familiar taste of a G&T and new, wild, distant tones from frozen Arctic shores.

Each bottle helps write the next chapter of the Northwest Passage. 


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£39.95 + £2.99 postage (within the UK)

On Sale 9th October!

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The Facts

The Northwest Passage Expedition Gin will help support Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.