We’ve been keeping a secret. For weeks now, the team has been working hard behind close doors. And now we’re ready to tell the world. We’ve launched a gin!!

Northwest Passage Expedition Gin is now available. Head to your favourite team member and buy from them so they get credit for the sale, or buy from here: https://nwpexpeditiongin.com/

The gin will help fund the expedition and the climate research. It is distilled in Orkney as a homage to the explorers who hailed from the remote outcrop and mapped the NWP. It is flavoured with botanicals from the Hudson Bay and Orkney as a nod to the link between the two distant lands. Water from Login’s Well, the ancient source used by Captain Cook and John Franklin to stock their boats, is used to make the gin.

But it is not distilled to mark history, but to make it. So buy a bottle or two, send one to all your family for Christmas and enjoy a great G&T.

Did we mention it’s delicious – a unique salty, bitter taste like no other gin. You can enjoy an ice cold glass, while we enjoy the ice cold and conduct our research. Who knew you could save the world with a G&T?